B&S Puertas de Lorca - Gesdulor

We have designed for you a modern and functional Business Center, which has large open spaces that can be adapted to your business activity and with its own parking. A perfect place to share with other professionals, perform their work, organize meetings, conferences, training courses ...

Located in the city of Lorca, in the neighborhood of La Viña, a consolidated area with excellent infrastructures and services.


Business Center located in one of the main access roads to the city of Lorca, in Ctra. Granada 73, also with access by C / Infante Juan Manuel 2 and C / Talleres 14.

Planos y precios


Local Acceso Sup. Const. Sup. Util Importe Planos Disponibilidad
Local 1, P.B Ctra. Granada 275,91 272,19 consultar Descargar disponible
Local 2, P.B. Ctra. Granada 380,25 368,93 consultar Descargar disponible
local 3, P.B. Ctra. Granada 633,43 611,75 consultar Descargar disponible
Local 4, P.B. C/ Infante Juan Manuel 341,39 329,39 consultar Descargar disponible

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