About us

Innovation, design and modernity


With its headquarter in the Region of Murcia, Gesdulor is one of the most leading housing promotion and management companies of southern Spain that develops projects supported by a team with a long career path and extensive experience in the sector.
All our projects include quality and sustainability protocols to provide our clients with the best conditions for using resources, cutting costs and preserving the environment.

The design of each promotion has a standard of inspiration that is a priority for us. This is the key principle of our company since the value for money of the houses include exclusive features, high-quality materials and new technologies that make them stand out from competitors and offer a level of safety and accuracy without comparison. Our passion is to build a future, dream with a key in hand and wake up with the comfort of being with your family.

Gesdulor aims to establish relationships and keep in touch with the owners of each promotion. For this reason, we emphasize the counselling process to help buyers from the beginning to the end of a property purchase. Also, each client is a new challenge and a path to be discovered with different needs so this is why our staff is responsible for any task by taking care of all the details or demands of the buyer, and above all, offering a personalized and committed service.